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Healing Africa and the Children Of Uganda In A Post Global Pandemic World

As the world reels from a global pandemic, we look at the impact it has had on the children of Africa. Organizations like Opportunity International have made a huge difference in the lives of those suffering under extreme poverty during this time. Many of the banks across Africa are still serving people like these to this day, even during the pandemic. These banks have also attracted many other financial institutions into this space. Millions more are now in the hands of mothers in this video. More private schools are now offering quality education to these children. We have a long way to go to end this level of poverty, and Covid has set us back considerably, but the goal remains attainable.

The last few years have been a milestone in philanthropy. Last year alone Opportunity International released $2.3 billion directly into the hands of these hard working small-business owners. These investments continue to pay dividends in places like Uganda and in communities like the ones on the video. These combined efforts have kept many families and children from enduring this daily routine. On behalf of all those we’ve spared, thank you!


“We press on because we know there is a world where the Children of Africa have justice and hope.”

Having grown up in Johannesburg, I have a deep passion for the people of Africa. Be encouraged and take joy in knowing that your involvement has kept many children from this horrific life. As disturbing as that video is, I take comfort in knowing that Opportunity International’s education finance initiative are offering an alternative for some of them. We can’t reach them all and even Jesus didn’t. We press on because we know there is a world where the Children of Africa have justice and hope.

My mother and I with siblings arriving in Africa

We thank all of you for your passion and efforts. We are grateful for your sacrificial and catalytic involvement in our banking efforts in Africa. These efforts are flourishing and growing even as you read this blog. Investments made long ago in the past are serving people yet today. They have proven that it’s possible to make loans to families like these. Past efforts continue to attract more capital into this market and have encouraged more banks who then make more loans to small holder farmers and small private schools. This would not be happening today without our combined efforts a decade ago. With your help, we are closer very day to healing the children of Africa and their families.

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