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Opportunity International is a global, non-profit organization that provides financial services, training and support to help people living in the developing world. We equip them to start and expand small businesses so they can feed their families and send their children to school.

Our Education Finance program offers loans to help schools build classrooms, teachers access new technology and digital tools, and parents pay for tuition to invest in their children’s future. We provide parents with the resources they need to cover expenses like tuition and fees, and we work with low-cost private schools around the world to improve the quality of education they provide.

The Agriculture Finance program helps smallholder farmers increase their yields and incomes—making them better able to feed their families and neighbors. Through innovative financial support for farmers, hands-on training from experts, and access to digital tools, we help rural communities break the cycle of poverty.

Our Digital Financial Services program continually innovates and utilizes digital technology to drive down the cost of each transaction, making banking services affordable and micro-enterprises sustainable. This program uses high-touch, high-tech digital tools to connect even the most rural families and communities to the financial services, training, and resources they need to improve their farms, get connected to markets, conduct transactions, and increase their incomes.

By recruiting and training local commercial banks in dozens of countries, we access their capital for high-risk clients who could not otherwise access financial services other than from lenders charging usurious interest.

As a result, we mobilize more than USD$2 billion each year while experiencing less than three percent defaults.

As a result, people scratching to survive on the bottom of the world’s poverty ladder, break the cycle of generational poverty, take hold of the next rung, and work their way up the ladder, bringing their families and communities with them. Together we create sustainable livelihoods with enough earning capacity to purchase food, water and shelter.

Congratulations to Opportunity International for 50 years of providing financial solutions and training, empowering people living in poverty to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.


Opportunity Intl.

550 West Van Buren St.

Chicago, IL 60607

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